“Louis Burgess completely smashed the room to bits…
600 people in the covered stage with a further 300 standing outside
listening to his every word and song and lapping it up”
– Boardmasters Festival

Louis Burgess is a fire hydrant of comedy. Blapping bare mandem in the face with his unique blend of comedy, music and cashews, he can be seen up and down the country on most Wednesdays poncing about in the most disgusting of ways.

Not afraid to break the boundaries of life itself, expect to expect the expectancies of unexpected expectations.

Man and beast simultaneously he often frequents comedy clubs, parties and weddings he’s not invited to, whipping out his distinctive radio face at every opportunity.

Frequently described as “Bill Bailey on Crack” and “The Russell Howard of the Grungecore Folk Scene” he aims to create a new sub-genre within the genre of genre itself.

Book him now before you can no longer afford to not afford him.


Long Build Ups and Disappointing Drops

Dance music these days is all just long build ups and disappointing drops…

Posted by Louis Burgess on Friday, September 25, 2015

Techno Leg

I suffer from a rare condition…

Posted by Louis Burgess on Wednesday, June 22, 2016


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